How You Can Save from Using Electric Vehicles 

If you are running a business with diesel or petrol-fuelled fleet, there is no doubt that you are affected by the huge increase in fuel price lately. If you want to save your business money so badly, investing in electric vehicles is the most valuable investment you can make today.  Electric vehicles offer a huge opportunity...

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Reasons To Have Home EV Charger 

One of the most important decisions to make after or even buying an electric vehicle is whether to have a charger installed at home or not. The thought of installing one for your home may sound lavish and too good to be true, but there are sound reasons to go for it.   Compared to using public EV charging stations, home...

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The Benefits of EV Chargers for Your Business

As the UK’s adoption of electric vehicles grows stronger, more and more businesses are now investing in EV charging stations for their establishments. Despite the pandemic, the sales for electric vehicles have grown so strong and continue to increase, not just in the UK but in all other parts of the globe.  Because of...

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EV Charging – How Much Does It Cost You? 

Aside from being good to the environment, one of the key reasons for switching to electric vehicles is cost savings. Electricity rate is more stable and less expensive than the price of gasoline. But you might be wondering, how much does an electric vehicle charging cost you?  This question doesn’t have a specific answer as...

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The Benefits of Hiring OLEV Approved Installer 

With the massive increase of electric vehicle users in the UK over the past few years, the amount of EV chargers installed over the country has also skyrocketed. This gigantic move of switching from fuel-powered vehicles to electric cars is beneficial both financially and environmentally.  Along with this development...

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