Things You Need to Know About Home EV Charging Installations 

Besides being environmentally friendly, one of the main benefits of using electric vehicles is the reduction in your monthly expenses especially now that the fuel price continues soaring. 

On top of saving a huge amount on fuel, you can further reduce your cost by installing a home EV charging station. It also makes everything easier and more convenient as you will be charging your vehicle while at home. 

This article includes everything you need to know about EV chargers and what you can expect if you decide of having one installed in your home. Going through this article will help you make an informed decision. 

Guide in choosing the right charger 

Finding the most suitable EV charger for your home can be an exhausting task. Below are the guides and factors you need to consider so you could easily find the best one. 

  • Power – there are three power options to choose from when it comes to EV chargers – 3kw, 7kw and 22kw. Among the three, the 7kw is the most popular. To determine what works best for you, calculate how many hours it will take to fully charge your car and divide the battery’s energy in kws by the speed of the charger. Although the calculation sounds complicated, doing it will let you determine what charger power is the most suitable for your needs.  
  • Cost – the installation cost may vary due to different factors. The EV charger model, the installation company, and the kw of the charger. On average, an EV charger installation would cost £800. You may consider applying for an OLEV grant if you are looking for a more cost-effective option. 
  • Cable – for a cable charger you will be tethered, while without a cable you will be untethered. What makes an untethered charger a better option is that you can connect it to any charger. 
  • Design – when it comes to design, there is a wide range of options for you to choose from. Just make sure to make an informed and well-thought decision because it will be attached to your home or wall permanently. 

Requirements for EV Charger Installation 

Here are some of the things an EV charger installer will ask you prior to the installation of the charger unit. 

  1. Photo of your fuse board – this will help us see the electrics already installed in your home as well as their quality. 
  1. Video of potential wiring route – this will let us determine the distance from the fuse board to where you want the charging point installed. It will also help us see if the location is suitable. 
  1. Photo of your gas metre – for us to see if the earth cable is attached to the pipe. A photo of your water pipe attached to the earth cable is also necessary. 
  1. Whether you have a solar panel at home and its make and model. 
  1. Confirmation of the EV charger required and your complete address. 

Highly Skilled EV Charger Installers 

At Stuart Penrose Electrical, our engineers are highly trained and experienced to carry out EV charger installation in different types and sizes of properties. Our main goal is to provide convenience and happiness to our clients, thus we make sure to install an EV charger in an area that makes the client happy. 

Get in touch with our team today if you wish to have an EV charger installed on your property. We will make sure that every process is as hassle-free as possible and provide excellent results. 

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